Whether your EV charging solution is a nationwide publicly available solution, or a private workplace solution for employees, we offer highly dependable and reliable infrastructure and systems to our customers.  Our excellent user interface and strong branding make us one of the leading EV charging network providers in the UK, and our interoperability with other networks makes us the most flexible.

The Genie Platform is a complete charging service for public, corporate and private networks and provides all the functionality needed to deploy, maintain and operate your network of EV chargers.

GeniePoint includes support for:

  • User registration and the issuing of smartcards that give access to chargers, or associating other smartcards with that user (such as a transport card) so that they can also be used for charger access.
  • Providing users with real-time information regarding the location and status of available charge points, via provision of maps, overlaid with relevant information, accessible via the web.
  • Providing support for customer billing, if required by the service sponsor, and for taking payments via debit/credit cards.
  • Online user account capabilities, providing access information about charging and billing history.
  • Support for customer service staff and operations managers to control the network, respond to customer queries and deal with any problems.
  • Allow individual chargers to be added to the network or to be temporarily taken out of service.
  • Integrate with other systems belonging to the service sponsor or to other relevant third parties, to deliver relevant information about customer behaviour and /or about energy use.
  • Provide reports in a variety of formats, for use both by operational managers and by service sponsors.
  • Deliver all the above via a secure, reliable infrastructure that provides the high levels of availability required for a service of this type and complies with all relevant security and auditing standards

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Our Clients

ChargePoint Services were the original EV Network in the UK, responsible for planning and implementing the Olympic Games site in 2012.