Customer Service

Unrivalled Customer Service

Customer service is of the highest priority for us and we are very proud of the level of help and information that we give to all of our customers.

Being available 24-7 gives our registered drivers the confidence when using the GeniePoint network, that we are always there to provide expert help and keep them driving.

As well as our telephone helpline, our website and mobile web app provides other useful information on the GeniePoint network status  as well as other useful information such as new chargers coming on line.

In a recent survey of GeniePoint registered EV drivers –

  • 95% of drivers were satisfied with the Customer Support Team – 78% of respondents said that they were “very satisfied” & 17% stated they were “satisfied”.
  • 91% felt their query was handled in an outstanding or very good manner.
  • 84% said they would “definitely” & “very likely” use our service again based on their experience to date.
  • 82% reported that their query was resolved the first time they contacted the customer support team.

GeniePoint scored the highest rating of 73% for “excellent” and “good” when asked – “describe your experiences with the following EV networks – GeniePoint, Chargemaster – Polar, POD Point and CYC (Charge Your Car)”.  This scoring was 22-30% higher than its competitors.

Maintenance and Annual Service Plans

For our workplace, public and corporate customers, following the installation of GeniePoint chargers, we offer comprehensive maintenance and service plans to maintain your chargers network and ensure they are working efficiently and constantly.

These flexible plans ensure the chargers are routinely inspected covering all technical and safety checks as well as relevant software updates.

Features and Benefits

97% Uptime

We are constantly monitoring our network in order to ensure customer satisfaction.  The GeniePoint network has an outstanding 97% uptime rate.

24 -7 access

Customer service is first class.  Highly trained staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer any questions that you may have and keep you driving.

5* satisfaction

We regularly run surveys within our customer base to find out how you think we can improve our service.  Our customers consistently rate our service 5*

Our Clients

ChargePoint Services were the original EV Network in the UK, responsible for planning and implementing the Olympic Games site in 2012.