Below  are just some of the testimonials from the clients and partners of ChargePoint Services

“We had very little experience in electric vehicle charging, but ChargePoint Services were extremely efficient and took us through the sales, planning and installation process clearly, competently and with minimal disruption.”

Pat Blakeney, Group Operations Manager, Thruxton Circuit.



“These new charge points are a welcome addition to the Source London scheme, which has more than 1,300 publicly accessible points across the capital. This will provide further options to members traveling outside London on rail services and guarantees they are never far away from a charge point when they need one.

The growth in the electric vehicle market is very encouraging and by building the infrastructure to support these vehicles, we expect them to become even more accessible.”

John Mason, TFL Director Responsible For Source London

Network Rail

“Rail is already one of the greenest forms of travel and our strategy aims to make it greener still Providing charge points for electric vehicles at our car parks will be a boost for rail users who have already chosen to use environmentally cleaner vehicles for their journey to and from the station.

Enabling our users to recharge their electric vehicles at the station car park facilitates their choice to use environmentally cleaner vehicles throughout their commute, not just for the train part of the journey, but door-to-door.

Recharging their vehicle at the station is the obvious choice for drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles and we’re very pleased at Network Rail to provide this facility to our customers as a part of our drive to reduce door-to-door carbon emission sustainable strategy.”

Liz Ratcliffe, Account Manager – Car Parking Network Rail

Bluepoint London Ltd

“We are continuously looking at ways to improve Source London for the benefit of our growing community of members and we are very proud to announce our collaboration with ChargePoint Services.  Adding Rapid Chargers to our network is essential for some of our members but this is also our very first inter-operability agreement, together Source London and GeniePoint reach 13,000 EV users across the country.”

Christophe Arnaud, Managing Director, Bluepoint London Ltd


“CEME offers world class facilities in engineering, technology and manufacturing support services, our commitment to these services is integral to our high standards of environmental management across all aspects of our operations.  Providing on-site electric vehicle charging which is largely powered by solar produced energy demonstrates our commitment to supporting a green agenda by reducing harmful emissions of vehicles used around the Centre.”

Paul Johnston, Operations Director, CEME

Marriott Hotels

“We wanted to pilot a modern contemporary system for electric car charging for all our hotels in Europe, we decided to offer battery charging from 20% to 80% free of charge to encourage customers to use our hotel and facilities.”

Barend Jan Schreuder, General Manager, Portsmouth Marriott Hotel


“GE is launching a family of electric vehicle charging systems in Europe offering domestic and commercial users a range of easy to use, flexible systems to help make electric vehicles a practical, everyday reality. It is visionary organizations such as CPS that will deliver that reality on the ground.”

Charles Elazar, Marketing Director, GE Industrial Solutions

“Together GE & ChargePoint Services are strong players in the EV infrastructure market, CPS and their back office software solutions compliment the GE product range to provide a one-stop solution to meet the diversity of customer requirements. We are very pleased to support them in this event as an ongoing partner and product supplier.”

Brian Watson, General Product Manager Northern Europe – GE Energy Industrial Solutions



“These posts are the most advanced available, backed up with the power of the sun, and they’re future-proof too.”

Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity


“ChargePoint Services have the vision needed to make EV transportation a reality, they are focussed and forward thinking and their dynamic software solutions provide a flexible and robust platform from which to monitor and control an extensive EV network infrastructure.”

Peter Rudd, Country Manager UK & Ireland –

                                                            GE Energy Industrial Solutions

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ChargePoint Services were the original EV Network in the UK, responsible for planning and implementing the Olympic Games site in 2012.