Key People

Alex Bamberg

Managing Director

“As we predicted there is now a significant transition away from liquid carbon fuels.  Our established and superlative team is leading this vehicle migration, bringing ease of use, connected services and green electrons reliably delivered into public infrastructure and the business workplace.  Our GeniePoint Platform’s strong technical capabilities enable us to directly impact the electric vehicle charging market with high performance, flexible, in house technology.”

Alex is an internationally focused Managing Director with specialist hands-on experience of the zero emission (cross electric/H2 tech segment) vehicle (ZEV) transport and EV infrastructure sector. He has over 18 years’ experience in cutting edge sustainable transport, emissions and energy markets. Alex is one of the most experienced, technically aware and sales driven “clean tech” senior directors in Europe. As CEO and founder of ChargePoint Services Ltd, within two years the company had secured best private sector performance status by winning the contract for the 2012 London Olympics, and went on to project manage Ecotricity’s Electric Highway.

Formerly MD of Vectrix UK Ltd, he played a key role with investor relations in securing funding pre and post IPO. During the launch of the world’s first production high performance zero emission motorbike, he developed and implemented the route to market with an aggressive build out of the dealer network. Under his leadership, Vectrix UK achieved sales domination outperforming all other regions and a 400% uplift in growth in year two.

Alex has established long-term relationships with key UK Government departments, DOT, TFL & EST, as well driving strategic partnerships for fuel/energy infrastructure. He creates and executes innovative market focussed strategies, and is highly successful and aggressive in placing cutting edge products with early adopters in the Business to Business, and Business to Consumer sectors while simultaneously producing consolidation of quality hardware manufacturer and fuel supply partners ensuring long term success.

Andrew McLennan

Finance Director

Adam Marshall

Technical Director

Kafil Sardar

Customer Service Director

Husnain Khan

Operations Director

Steve Trethewey

National Sales Manager

Tim Johnson

Regional Sales Manager

Malcom Newberry

Sales Manager

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