26 July 2017 – ChargePoint Services welcomes the expected Government Announcement today that all petrol & diesel cars and vans will be banned in the United Kingdom from 2040.

Despite the fact that the ban will not come into play for 23 years, it is a clear indication to automotive manufacturers that petrol and diesel powered vehicles are no longer a technology they should be pursuing. Having a clear timeline will build confidence among market stakeholders as well as auto manufacturers that the focus for investment must be on future vehicles powered by clean energy.

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ChargePoint Services Ltd, said. “The market is accelerating much faster than the Governments’ deadline of 2040, we see an expediential take up of electric vehicles and charging which will bring the UK more in line with Norway’s deadline of 2025. Todays expected announcement will surely bring about a step change with consumers demanding new electric models and turning away from purchasing traditional ICE powered vehicles. In 2016, sales of alternatively fueled vehicles (AFVs) experienced a huge increase, with demand up 22% across the year, and 10,000 motorists choosing to go pure electric. Today’s announcement is likely to fuel this demand and we expect that figures for 2017 will increase significantly”.

ChargePoint Services run their own – GeniePoint Network, the most reliable rapid EV charging network across the UK, which has seen charging sessions double since the beginning of 2017, proof that the market is already moving in the direction of clean powered transport. ChargePoint Services’ focus is on excellent customer care, making the GeniePoint Network first choice for many EV drivers who have already made the change to electric powered transportation.

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