21 February 2017ChargePoint Services has announced the integration of its GeniePoint Network with Renault’s Z.E. Pass App, enabling Renault drivers to easily locate, charge and pay for re charging their vehicle using their smartphone.

The integration is via the Gireve gateway which provides real-time information to the Renault Z.E. Trip Services.  Drivers use the Z.E. Pass App or the on-board R-Link system, which shows real-time status of the GeniePoint Network, they can then navigate to a GeniePoint, and use their smartphone or RFID card to start & stop the charge, this will be linked directly to their Renault account for payment to be collected.

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ChargePoint Services, said. “Working alongside Renault to develop this integration between the GeniePoint Network and Renault’s on-board navigation system has been very exciting for ChargePoint Services, making EV charging a simple and stress free process for our customers is fundamental in driving the shift to adopting electric vehicles as the conventional choice for vehicle purchase in the UK.”

ChargePoint Services’s GeniePoint Network is fast becoming the most reliable electric vehicle charging network in the UK, their first class customer service, which provides 24/7 support, already ensures drivers registered on the network are kept moving on their journey as a priority.  This direct integration with Renault’s navigation application means Renault EV drivers can be directed to the nearest available charger without the requirement for multiple navigation systems, access or payment cards.