Thruxton Fast Urban GeniePoint with Centrica logo3 February 2017ChargePoint Services is fast becoming the number one choice across all aspects of electric vehicle (EV) charging through offering reliability and a competitive pricing structure.

Its own GeniePoint Network already stretches the length of the country, from Carlisle to Falmouth. There are also GeniePoints across London, Hampshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, and a growing number between.

ChargePoint work with a number of EV installers including Centrica, which delivers EV solutions to ChargePoint Services through its Distributed Energy & Power Business.  ChargePoint’s focus is on making the GeniePoint Network the most widespread and reliable electric vehicle charging network in the UK. Its first class customer service, which provides 24/7 support already ensures drivers registered on the network, are kept moving on their journey as a priority.

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ChargePoint Services, said. “We aim to provide more value to our customers, whether they are a large corporate business wishing to offer EV charging for their workplace, local authorities looking to provide public EV charging, or an electric vehicle driver who needs the confidence that they can re-charge quickly for a reasonable price.  Customer service is at the heart of our business and we understand that for electric vehicle technology to progress, a strong, reliable infrastructure must be securely in place, our GeniePoint Network is growing to take that position across the UK.”

For drivers, pricing to use the GeniePoint Network is highly competitive and is based on energy used and not for time spent at the pump like many of its counterparts.  This way, drivers are not penalised for stopping for a quick charge rather than a “full tank”.

For our partners, both public and private, the GeniePoint Platform is a secure, cloud based service yet open to interoperability with other networks, we support RFID, PAYG and secure network usage providing real-time network status monitoring for a complete solution.

Andreas Atkins, Head of Commercial Electric Vehicle Services at Centrica Distributed Energy & Power, said: “ChargePoint Services has established a reputation as a leading EV charging point provider in the UK. It has helped put EV charging firmly on the map, by offering innovative solutions for local authorities and commercial partners alike. We look forward to continuing our partnership.”

With our GeniePoint Platform providing control and monitoring, our range of hardware solutions from wall mounted compact charging to energy storage rapid chargers, ChargePoint Services are recognised as the emerging leader in electric vehicle charging in the UK.