ChargePoint Services has installed two dual headed chargers powered by a giant solar canopy at CEME – The Centre for Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence.

The two, twin EVOLT Urban units have been installed to provide fast charging for anyone visiting CEME,  situated in East London, they can be accessed by any driver registered on ChargePoint Services, GeniePoint network, access is via RFID card or smartphone App.

Paul Johnston, Operations Director at CEME, said.  “CEME offers world class facilities in engineering, technology and manufacturing support services both to existing businesses as well as skills development support, our commitment to these services is integral to our high standards of environmental management across all aspects of our operations.  Providing on-site electric vehicle charging which is largely powered by solar produced energy demonstrates our commitment to supporting a green agenda by reducing harmful emissions of vehicles used around the Centre.”

The canopy, which is owned by Use the Sun Ltd, consists of 45 solar panels which can produce up to 10kW of electricity per hour, it is designed not only to generate its own power, but to provide cover from the elements while a vehicle is recharging.

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ChargePoint Services, said.  “This installation really hits home with the green energy charging concept, not only is it encouraging the use of electric vehicles, but a large proportion of the energy is being produced on-site, by solar power, further reducing the overall carbon footprint of the installation even further.”

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