The Leicester Sports Arena has installed a rapid charger for electric cars at its site at Charter Street in Leicester.

The charger has been installed though a partnership by the Arena with British Gas and ChargePoint Services Ltd.

The charger is located in the arena car park off Charter Street, with access for both able bodied and disabled parking, and is installed on a pay as you go service.

Adam Clarke, the Assistant City Mayor for Energy and Sustainability, who is also a Trustee of the Leicester Riders Foundation, said,

“This is a great asset for the arena, and a welcome addition to the network of charging units we are rolling out around the city.”

“Encouraging sustainable means of transport, which help to meet our environmental targets, will be enhanced by this development at the Leicester Sports Arena.”

Kevin Routledge, the Project Director of the Leicester Sports Arena said,

“We are delighted to be providing this service to Arena users, and play our small part in improving the access to charging for electric car users, and thereby helping to improve the environment of the city.”

“We believe the arena is a really important facility for the community, and making it accessible, while contributing to the city’s environmental targets, are important objective for us.”

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director of ChargePoint Services Ltd, added,

“We are extremely pleased to be able to support this project alongside the Leicester Sports Arena.  Their forward thinking approach in terms of the provision of re-fuelling for electric vehicles whilst drivers are engaged in their sports activity, using any of the other facilities or just wanting to charge their car, is the ideal scenario for encouraging the take up of electric cars.

The charger, funded by ChargePoint Services Ltd, has been incorporated onto the CPS GENIE network, the most reliable EV charging network in the UK, our focus is high quality across all aspects of the network – charger reliability, charging experience & customer support.  Our first class service enables drivers to recharge their vehicles in minutes not hours.

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