When Source East was set up there were few electric cars on the road and little enthusiasm to provide the necessary infrastructure. Since then there have been developments in technology, an increase in the variety of electric cars in the marketplace and a wider acceptance of the premise of sustainable travel.

The challenge is to develop and expand the infrastructure in response to continuing growth in the number of EV users, changing usage patterns and user requirements as well significant developments in technology all within the constraints of funding, both public and private.

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ChargePoint Services Ltd said. “ChargePoint’s unique cloud based GENIE platform provides an unrivalled service level capability for the operation and usage across all aspects of EV charging.  Our system links flexible state-of-the-art “M to M” software with efficient, reliable and effective customer care and maintenance processes.  With this DNA and our focus on improving the customers’ experience, CPS will make EV charging within the Source East network reliable and dependable, easy to use and widely accessible across the East of England”.

The Managing Director of EValu8 Transport Innovations Ltd, Dr Keith Bevis said “We are seeing the take up of electric vehicles gathering pace. There are a growing number of commercial as well as private drivers. The time is right for the injection of new partners, new energy and new technologies to raise the performance of the network and increase the number of available charging points.

Working with Chargepoint Services and other key players in this sector we will promote innovation in the East of England”. This announcement is very much the start of a process, in which the partners will involve all the major stakeholders, including drivers, hosts, local authorities, companies, manufacturers and transport planners.

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