ChargePoint Services Ltd will be demonstrating the latest technology in EV charging solutions at the 2nd Annual Conference –Towards a Greener Fleet, on Wednesday 30th May 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

ChargePoint has to date installed over 130 EV charge points in and around London as part of the Source London network, as well as the world’s first national network of EV charge points powered solely by natural energy resources on behalf of Ecotricity situated at Welcome Break services stations up and down the length of the UK.

Alex Bamberg, Sales Director, ChargePoint Services Ltd, said.  “Scotland is clearly dedicated to reducing its carbon output, with all of the 32 Scottish local authorities committing to reduce their own emissions, as well as supporting incentives to enable reductions within each of their individual communities.”  “Promoting the use of electric vehicles is a huge step in enabling this goal to be reached within the target timescales .”

ChargePoint Services Ltd will be attending the conference along with supporting partner – GE Energy, and will be demonstrating the awaited GE WattStation Workplace charge unit  This latest design in the WattStation range is designed for fleet vehicle charging, and offers enhanced facilities such as security access, and flex charging to control current when multiple vehicles require charge simultaneously.  It will be available in the UK from September 2012.

Brian Watson, General Product Manager, Northern Europe, GE Energy said. “Together GE & ChargePoint Services are strong players in the EV infrastructure market, CPS and their back office software solutions compliment the GE product range to provide a one-stop solution to meet the diversity of customer requirements.  We are very pleased to support them in this event as an ongoing partner and product supplier.”

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