In hosting this event, Coventry City Council are aiming to empower the local business community with enough information to enable them to make the switch to electric vehicles, and reinforcing both the environmental and financial benefits of making that change.  Visitors attending the day will learn how to install electric charge points and what Government Grants are available to help with purchase and installation costs.
As one of the Plugged in Places approved suppliers, ChargePoint Services Ltd will be presenting the latest state of the art technology in EV charging – including the GE WattStation Mode 3 Home Charge Unit.
Alex Bamberg, Sales Director, ChargePoint Services Ltd, said.  “Using electric vehicles as a part, or all of a company’s fleet of vehicles, can dramatically reduce running costs, improve air quality and potentially reduce their carbon footprint.  Equally, by installing electric charge points at their offices and providing staff with easy access to recharging facilities can encourage employees and visitors to use electric cars as commuter vehicles on a daily basis”.


Charge Point is official distributor and installer to GE in the UK, and in addition to the Home Charger, ChargePoint will also be demonstrating the Durastation wall mounted charge point, a mode 3 units with 16 or 32Amp, and modular in design to ensure it is future proof and able to adapt as new technologies are developed.


Private Sector organisations play a vital part in ensuring a viable network of EV refuelling stations across the country.  ChargePoint Services Ltd is currently working with Ecotricity to install their “Electric Highway” a network of EV charge points at the Welcome Break service stations up and down the length of the UK
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